AGM - Application for Board of Directors (Barracudas - Burlington Girls Hockey Club)

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AGM - Application for Board of Directors
All applicants must complete a submission prior to the AGM for the available board position - 2 year term. For further information regarding roles please refer to the Duties of the Board of Directors page under the Resources tab.
I acknowledge that I have read, understand and intend to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of this role as made available to the membership should I be successful in being elected to the above position.

I acknowledge that the role for which I am nominating is for a two-year period and that I intend to commit to the role for the full duration.  

I understand that attendance at Board meetings is mandatory and that I will be bound by all of the duties and responsibilities of a Director as set out in Hockey Canada, OWHA and BGHC Policies and the BGHC Constitution and By-Laws.

Brief Personal Statement

Please indicate how you believe that your past experience/background/education/work experience qualify you for this position. This information will be shared with the BGHC Members on the BGHC website as well as at the AGM on May 6th to provide Members with information prior to their vote.