Key Contacts (Barracudas - Burlington Girls Hockey Club)

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Have a question? Need help with an issue? The individuals below can help. Please direct your questions to the appropriate people for the quickest response.

  1. General issue/question - Directors of House League - (Senior: U15-U22) Josh Flippance / (Junior: U9-U13) Mike Merkley
  2. Scheduling - Natalie Hiltz
  3. Referee Concerns - Dave Irwin
  4. Referees late (not on sight 20 minutes before start of game) or "no show" for a game
    • Call Dave Irwin at 289-439-7599. You must CALL. Do not text or email.
  5. Team rosters, submission of volunteer certifications - Association Registrar - Gail Marcos
  6. Gift of Giving Back - contact GOGB co-ordinator TBA
  7. Webmaster -  Luis Monterrubio
  8. Director of Communications and Promotions - Kristy Braun - email photos to [email protected]
  9. Conflict resolution assistance - contact the Directors of House League - (Senior: U15-U22) Josh Flippance / (Junior: U9-U13) Mike Merkley
  10. Safety and Equipment - Lisa Brown
  11. Names on jerseys - only block letters - this is at the cost of the team - names cannot be put on jerseys until November 1st - Chris McMillan at Als Source for Sports
  12. Sponsor bars - if a team has a sponsor the BGHC will manage the process of getting sponsor bars in place at the cost of the BGHC
  13. Reimbursements for volunteer certifications - Office Manager/Bookkeeper - Gail Marcos - fill out form HERE