Fair Play (Barracudas - Burlington Girls Hockey Club)

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House League and DS Fair Play Policy

 The document below includes the BGHC Fair Play Policy which must be followed by all coaches at all times.  The document includes suggestions on how to roll the lines and ensure fair ice time with any number of skaters from as few as 8 to as many as 15.

When Does This Policy Apply


·                All house league and development stream (DS) teams in all divisions

·                All games including regular season, DS exhibition, playoff games

·                All tournaments

·                All parts of a game including the first minute of the game to the last and including any over time

·                Even if the other team is not following the fair play policy


Specific Rules


1.  Forward and defensive lines/pairings will be rotated at all times, without exception.  Not all shifts will be equal within any specific period of time within the game but overall, there should be no consistently short shifts and no consistently long shifts for the same players.  The flow of the game may occasionally result in a disruption to the lines, such as penalties. Coaches are not expected to make up playing time to a player that receives a penalty(ies) during a game.  Coaches are expected to make every effort to ensure that other players on the team do not lose ice time as a result of teammates receiving penalties.


2.  When the goalie is pulled, the player replacing the goalie must come from the next forward or defensive line/pairing.


3.  When there is a penalty kill or power play, the players on the ice must come from the players already on the ice or from the next forward and defensive line when changing the lines.


The following is provided to coaches to assist them with the task of ensuring lines are rolled properly and with the goal to fair and equal ice time within a given game.

# Skaters




9 (3 lines) - rotate

6 (3 pairings) - rotate


9 (3 lines) - rotate

5 (rotate in sequence)


9 (3 lines) - rotate

4 (2 pairings) - rotate


8 (rotate in sequence)

4 (2 pairings) - rotate


7 or 6 - rotate

4 or 5 - rotate


6 (2 lines) – rotate

4 (2 pairings) - rotate


6 (2 lines) - rotate

3 (rotate in sequence)


5 (rotate in sequence)

3 (rotate in sequence)