Rules (Barracudas - Burlington Girls Hockey Club)

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House League Rules

A. Operation of all levels of House League is the responsibility of the Director of House League and age category Conveners if appointed.

B. All players, coaches and parents of house league are expected to abide by BGHC Code of Conduct.

C. BGHC House League operates on the principle of equal ice time for all players. Coaches are expected to abide by this principle. Conveners and the and the BGHC Executive are expected to enforce it. Exception for age categories Atom and older in instances where the roster is fewer than 16, a rotation of fewer than 6 defense is acceptable.

D. BGHC shall supply all players in House League with the following items included in the players registration fees;

i. One jersey and pair of socks for the player to keep.

ii. Team photograph.

iii. Trophy or medal at seasons end.

E. Players shall play in their respective age categories as defined by the OWHA. Permission to play in a different category is at the discretion of the Director of House League. Any player or parent of a player wishing to play up must put in a written request to the Director of House League. Criteria to be considered to play up include;

i. When a player has been deemed by The Director of House League (in consultation with coaches and conveners) to be too strong for her own age category and that it is not in the players or the leagues best interests to leave her in her own age category.

ii. Younger siblings will be considered to play up with older sibling one age category only. It must be determined that the player possesses enough skill that playing up will not be detrimental to the player nor the league.

iii. Playing down an age group will not be considered without special circumstances and requires BGHC Board approval.

F. Teams will be assembled and assigned by the Director of House League or the age category Convener. Atom and older teams may be re-aligned to achieve better competitive balance within the division. This re-alignment is at the discretion of the Director of House League and will not take place until at least three (3) games and not more than six (6) scheduled games have been played. Conveners and affected coaches will be consulted prior to any re-alignment.

G. Suitably sized and conditioned goaltender equipment will be loaned to each coach at the beginning of the season and will be returned to the Director of Equipment at seasons end. Equipment set to include; bag, pads, body armor, blocker, catcher and goalie stick.

H. Teams are to consist of no more than sixteen (16) players, unless circumstances require 17.

I. Each game will begin with a timed 3 minute warm up that commences when the Zamboni doors are closed. Games are three (3) periods in lengths of 10-10-12 minutes, time permitting. All games are curfewed at the end of their 50 minute time slot. Curfews will be enforced by BGHC game officials.

J. In Novice, player changes will take place on a two (2) minute stop time buzzer system to start the season and graduate to changing on the fly.  Any penalty called will be over at the end of the two (2) minute shift.  Age categories Atom and older will change on the fly.

K. Coaches are responsible to legibly fill out game sheets including team rosters, date, time and arena information as well as the curfew time. White copies of the completed game sheets are to be forwarded to their respective age category Convener or the Director of House League within 1 week of completion.

L. Regular season standings for age categories Atom and older will be maintained by the Director of House League or age category convener, utilizing a point system counting two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie. There is no overtime for regular season games.

M. All teams qualify for playoffs. Playoff format will be a full divisional round robin so that all House League teams can expect to be playing until the final week of March. Playoffs will begin with enough time to play the full round robin without playing any playoff games during the Board of Educations scheduled March break. Full playoff rules and schedules will be circulated to coaches at least two (2) weeks prior to commencement.

N. Player Call-ups
Teams that knowingly cannot ice at least 13 players (12 skaters plus 1 goalie) for a game are permitted to utilize call-up players from the age category below.  Goalies can be borrowed from within the same division with approval by the Director of House League.  Teams can borrow a player from the same division for a regular season game if they have less than 10 skaters and the opposing coach agrees with the quality of the players being borrowed so a team doesn't create an unfair advantage.  No player call-ups from the same division are permitted for playoff games, except for goalies. Permission for the player call-up is to be requested from the lower age group coach prior to contacting any call-up player. The lower age category coach is expected to recommend a player that has evidenced enthusiasm and commitment as well as strong play.

Teams registering in an outside tournament with fewer players than their formal OWHA roster strength are permitted to utilize up to three (3) pick-up players from but only as many required to bring the team back up to their original OWHA roster number. It is recommended that these players come from within their own age category. For participation in tournaments, the lending coach must complete an OWHA “Pick-up and consent” form for the player to present to the tournament registrar.

The process for calling-up or picking-up players is defined below:

i. The coach requiring players will contact the coach of the lending team and identify when the call-up is required, for how many games, what player they would like or what position(s) need to be filled.

ii. The coach of the lending team contacts the players / parents about play-up game(s).

iii. The coach of the lending team contacts the requesting coach with to inform who will be coming to games specified.

Coaches are not expected to lend players if there are conflicts with their own team’s schedule. If there are conflicts the requesting coach can then approach other coaches from the age category below for call-ups (regular season games) and from within their own age category for tournament pick-up players.