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Female Athletes of Today Coaching the Future Athletes of Tomorrow

 The U7 Program is one that is mandated by both Hockey Canada and the OWHA and one that the BGHC is excited to support.   This program focuses on small ice development for our youngest skaters helping them to develop the strength and skills to propel forward into a lifetime of hockey achievements.

The BGHC is focused on building programs with key female leaders, providing guidance, coaching and
encouragement for our aspiring athletes.

We are excited to announce
Celina Clark as the lead coach for the BGHC U7 division

Celina is a graduate of Adrian College, and played on the Women's ACHA Division 1 Hockey Team.  She began her hockey
career at the age of 5 and continued to play throughout the Halton region, completing her minor career with the Hamilton Hawks MidgetAA team.

The knowledge she has gained throughout this path is the knowledge she wishes to pass onto the athletes she trains and mentors. Her passion for the sport shows through her teachings and instruction, allowing her to help prepare athletes throughout their own career, from their first set of skates through to pursuing their own hockey goals.

Creating a safe space for athletes is her ultimate goal. Establishing a respectful environment for all, allows athletes to feel more comfortable and confident. "Understanding that you are your only limitation, helps motivate and push athletes further than they ever thought they would be capable of".
Celina Clark, sole proprietor of Clark Hockey Camp (CHC)


The U7 program is designed to shrink the size of the game and focus on small area games, allowing the players more puck touches and the opportunity to develop skills more effectively than on full ice. The best way to illustrate is, when 4 and 5 year olds start in soccer, they are in small areas with mini nets, a system that allows the athlete to be successful rather than constantly chasing the ball. To put them on a regulation soccer field with regulation nets would be unfair to the players. 

The BGHC has invested in new equipment for this program which includes, rink dividers, smaller nets and lighter pucks. 

Hockey Canada developed the U7 Program to make a child's first contact with hockey a safe and positive experience. It is a structured, learn-to-play hockey program designed to introduce beginners to the game's basic skills. It enables participants to become contributing members of a team effort, develop self-confidence, and experience a sense of personal achievement. These goals are achieved in an atmosphere of fun and fair play.

Recognizing the necessity to provide a positive experience for the beginner hockey player, the U7 Program builds upon a number of values providing a qualitative experience, which include:
  • Providing a safe environment in which to be introduced to hockey's fundamental skills.
  • Developing an understanding of basic teamwork through participation in structured activities and adapted game-like situations.
  • Introducing participants to the concepts of fair and co-operative play.
  • Refining basic motor patterns and building self-confidence.
  • Providing an environment that challenges individuals positively and rewards the participants for their efforts.
  • Provides opportunities to experience a number of activities related to the building of a lifestyle of fitness and activity.


QUESTIONS:  Should you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]