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Tryouts will take place in late October 2022
Tryout Registration will open late October 2022


Contact and Questions?

Please do not email the BGHC office regarding DS.  Our Office Manager does not deal with planning or other details related to DS.  All enquiries should be directed to Will /Josh ([email protected] / [email protected]).


The BGHC provides the opportunity for House League players to develop at a higher level via the Development Stream (DS) program. These are teams of selected players from the house league program that demonstrate skill and desire to compete at a higher level of play and is ideal for players who:

  1. Are looking for a development bridge to competitive hockey or
  2. Do not wish to make the commitment, in time or cost, to competitive hockey but are seeking more competition and skill development that is afforded by house league alone.

The DS teams will practice, play exhibition games and enter tournaments outside of their normal House League team. The DS program runs concurrently with and cannot interfere with the player’s current house league team.


The BGHC will ice teams at the (U11- TBA) U13 and U15 level, assuming that numbers/talent permit.  The program will run regularly at Burlington ice pads, generally on Sundays, and include 8 exhibition games throughout the season.  DS cannot interfere with house league programming, so there may be weeks with no DS ice time if ice is not available.

Should your player be chosen to participate on a DS team, the fee for a full-time player will be $500 - $550.  A lower price for AP players is set annually.  Fees include:

  • entry into 3 tournaments . 
  • Referee, timekeeper and ice costs for four HOME games
  • team jersey & socks
  • name bar on jerseys
  • regular ice time between mid November and the week immediately preceding the final DS tournament of the season (generally the Easter weekend).
Tryouts will take place in November.  A registration fee will apply to all skaters wishing to take part in the tryouts.

DS teams are selected by an independent committee, which includes the Head Coach.