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    Rep Team Resources
    Created: Feb 08, 2017 9:52 AM, Updated: Sep 09, 2020 11:02 PM
    This library contains all of the documents that Rep team Managers and Treasurers should need to assist them in understanding and undertaking their role.
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    Novice Structure
    221 KB
  • .xlsx
    Rep Team Budget Template
    Return to Hockey Through December 31 Rep Team Budget Template
    57.1 KB
  • .docx
    Rep Team Finances Handbook
    Return to Hockey Through December 31 Rep Team Finances Handbook
    52.8 KB
  • .pdf
    Rep Team Administrative Matters Manual
    901 KB
  • .pdf
    Season Start-Up for Managers
    226 KB
  • .pdf
    Team Volunteer List and Position Descriptions
    73.8 KB
  • .xlsx
    Player and Staff Rostering Template
    13.1 KB
  • .xls
    Game Sheet Label Template
    Use this only until OWHA official labels are available
    34.5 KB
  • .pdf
    Timekeeper and Official Rates - Exhibition Games
    420 KB
  • .pdf
    Booking Facilities - All Facilites
    42.5 KB
  • .pdf
    Guidance for Team Parent Reps
    131 KB
  • .pdf
    BGHC Equipment and Apparel Policy
    140 KB
  • .pdf
    Hockey Canada Medical Info Form - PDF Fillable
    260 KB
  • .pdf
    Components of the BGHC Fee v the Team Fee
    84.1 KB
  • .docx
    Rep Team (Sample) Sponsorship Letter
    41.1 KB
  • .xlsx
    Rep Team Budget Template
    58.6 KB
  • .pdf
    Rep Team Finance Handbook
    1.22 MB