Applicants for Board of Directors - 2024/25 (Barracudas - Burlington Girls Hockey Club)

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List of Applicants for BGHC Board Directors

Voting to take place at AGM
May 6, 2024 at Mainway Recreation Centre Auditorium

Thank you to everyone who applied for the Board of Director positions.
Uncontested applicants will be appointed to their positions at the AGM on May 6, 2024.
Please see below as to who will be appointed into what positions.

As the current Director of Rep will be appointed into the position of VP of Hockey Operations,
the second position of Director of Rep will also be voted on at the AGM.
Please see below for the applicants of these two positions.





Brandon Moore

Director Equipment and Player Safety

Hello BGHC, my name is Brandon Moore and I have a daughter who has been a Cuda for just over 2 years now. We have enjoyed this experience very much and I would like to become more involved.
I am applying for the equipment and player safety director but would be happy to join in any aspect.
I have been an insurance broker for almost 20 years specializing in risk management.
Working with large and small organizations identifying and reducing risk, creating a safer environment for employees and consumers.
I have also played hockey all of my life and will continue to play until my body no longer allows it.

I believe my work experience will benefit the Cudas organization and will work hard to guarantee the safest experience for our young athletes.

Kind regards,


Danny Cioffi

Director of Rep

I was involved with the Mississauga Girls Hockey League for 15 yrs, sat on the Board for 6 yrs, my last year as REP Director, coached at the REP level for 7 years, coached in the GTHL for 4 years. Had success as a head coach, won multiple tournaments, won LLFHL at the MA level

To be voted on at May 6/24 AGM

Gregory Dewar

Director of Rep

Good day BGHC and Barracudas families! My name is Gregg Dewar and I just wanted to introduce myself as I am extremely excited to be applying for a position on the BGHC Board as a Director of Rep. By way of brief background, I am a life-long Burlington resident, Partner/lawyer, husband, and very proud father of four wonderful children, ages 11, 9, 7 and 5, three of whom are passionate hockey players (two very proud Barracudas). My past community/volunteer involvement includes coaching and local political campaign work, volunteering for candidates at both the federal and provincial levels in my riding, and more recently, within our daughter’s Barracudas Rep team. My eldest daughter began her involvement in the BGHC at age 7, entering at U9 House League, and over the past five years this organization, its coaches, all of the volunteers, other parents and families, and most importantly the players themselves, have provided our daughters and family as a whole with an absolutely incredible experience year after year. It is contributing to ensure that same positive experience for all of our girls and their families going forward, while developing our girls as hockey players and young people and achieving and maintaining a high level of competitive success at all of our Rep levels, that excites and motivates me around this opportunity. We hope to see all of our fellow BGHC members at the AGM on May 6th, where if we have not met, I invite you to please introduce yourself and at which I would be happy to answer any questions. In the meantime, good luck to all of the girls at the remaining Rep try-outs for next season, and we will see you at the rink!

To be voted on at May 6/24 AGM

Jenn Mitchell

Director Fundraising

For over 15 years I have worked as a Marketing and Communications professional, focused on brand building and creating valuable consumer experiences. I have held various positions and managed clients, primarily in, the food and beverage industry. Through my career I have been able to provide creative thinking and apply it to all aspects of my personal and professional life. I am a goal oriented team player that operates by working with and leveraging the skills of the team.

I have a true passion for healthy and active living. I believe that passing down these foundational building blocks to our youth is the catalyst to their success as an athlete and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a CrossFit Kids certified trainer, I’ve had the pleasure of helping motivate and train young athletes to push beyond what they thought possible in a fun, inclusive, supportive and competitive environment.

I’m excited at the opportunity to bring my expertise to the BGHC community and provide a helping hand in shaping our girls future on and off the ice.


Josh Hunter

Director of House League

I am running for Director of House League as I have had a great time watching my daughter play U13 HL, U15 B, and U15 HL/DS with the Barracudas and want to give back to the organization by helping make the House League program even better for her and other players like her.

Over the last three years, I have become familiar with all aspects of the Barracudas as a manager of HL, DS, and Rep teams and a House League convenor. I've come to know many of the coaches, families, and players. I've seen what is working well and what could be improved. I hope to have the opportunity to advocate for the importance of strong House League and DS programs as a member of the Board so we can introduce new girls to our great game and keep existing girls playing as they get older.

I have extensive sports association and other not-for-profit experience that make me well qualified for this position. I have served as Vice-President and President of the North Halton Twisters where my daughter played before coming back home to Burlington. I have served as manager of HL, Select, and Rep teams for the Burlington Bulldogs and was awarded Manager of the Year this year. I am Secretary of the Oakville Girls Softball Association and a past Director of the Burlington Organized Minor Baseball Association. I served eight years as a Director of the Burlington Public Library and three years as Secretary of the University of Toronto Alumni Association. Professionally, I have practised law for the last twenty years, mostly as a litigator for the provincial government.

If elected, I plan to advocate for a number of improvements to make our House League program even better, including:
* Continuing to push for a fairer allocation of City ice between male and female players.
* Focusing on goalie development to try and ensure more players are exposed to the position and every team can have goalies.
* Ensuring new and existing coaches receive the mentoring they need to help them better develop and inspire our daughters.
* Expanding on the interlocking play with neighbouring associations that was introduced this year.
* Building up our excellent DS program for those who want more competitive play but do not want to make the financial and time commitment for Rep.
* Ensure teams are more carefully balanced so all players have an equal chance to succeed.


Laura Diaz Arbelaez

Director U7

My past/background/education/work experience has made me the person I am today. When I was in highschool I used to ref timbit hockey. In highschool I played some hockey but I was not in the competitive side. I always enjoyed the sports community. Now that my daughter is starting to be a part of it I want to be able to help other parents and the community with information and resources that are available to them through the BGHC - But regardless I will say I know nothing and would need lots of advise and guidance. So if that is okay and you guys are willing to open your doors ! I will gladly join you all ! And will be open to all the learning thrown my way.


Michael Bernard

VP Hockey Operations

Throughout the past year, I've had the privilege of serving as both the Director of U7 and the Director of Junior Rep for our organization. In these roles, I've not only achieved all set objectives but also spearheaded various program-wide initiatives aimed at enhancing our overall operations. These experiences have positioned me as the ideal candidate for the VP of Hockey Operations role. Here are some key highlights:

Advocacy for Ice Equity in Female Hockey:
-Led negotiations for equitable ice allocation, advocating for the needs of BGHC and working closely with City of Burlington administrators.
-Collaborated with major ice users in Burlington to design a fair process for future ice allocation, ultimately achieving equity for female hockey in the allocation formula.

Junior Development Program:
-Collaborated with Director of Player Development, Renata Fast, to analyze and enhance our player development program.
-Negotiated, designed, and executed the Jr. Development Program in partnership with Shield Athletics that will be a big component for player development from 2024 and beyond.

U7 Program
-Provided comprehensive oversight and daily guidance for our U7 program, overseeing program planning and expansion efforts which saw an increase from 65 to over 265 players this year.
-Managed parent communications and facilitated data collection and analysis for future planning.
-Implemented pathways for player development, including the initiation of BGHC's inaugural U7 Goalie development program in collaboration with Director of Goalie Development, Dave Shantz.
-Successfully managed the transition of players from U7 to U9 hockey, providing guidance to parents throughout the process.

Google Suite Transition
-Led the Board's evolution to a Google Suites platform allowing better communication and collaboration in real-time.
-Assisted the President with his transition away from early 2000s computing.

I am deeply committed to realizing a vision for the future of BGHC, and I possess the unwavering determination and work ethic needed to transform these aspirations into tangible achievements. Fueled by a highly competitive spirit, I am driven to ensure that BGHC not only competes but excels, aiming to establish ourselves as the premier center of female hockey development and on-ice success throughout the Province.


Rob Bradaric

Director of Rep

My name is Rob Bradaric and I have been involved in hockey my whole life. I was a AA minor hockey goalie who grew up in Stoney Creek and later went on to play Jr C hockey in Rockton. From there I volunteered as a student coaching in various organizations until I had my own children. I have a son Ben who has started playing house league hockey and graduated to BB for 10 years in BLOMHA. I was an on ice volunteer for BLOMHA for 5 years and as a moved to coaching for 5 years winning the league championships and Alliance championships multiple times. My daughter Bianca has been a proud Barracuda since the IP program. She is currently on the U13AA team. I also volunteered in the IP program and Rep program as on ice help for 6 years until recently when my daughter started playing AA. Having been a goaltender myself, I have been involved in the development and mentoring of over 10 goalies which allows me to view hockey from a unique perspective. I currently am the president of a 200,000 sq ft recreational facility named Cedar Springs in Burlington which offers fitness and racquet sports to families all over the Halton region. Cedar Springs has been proud to sponsor the Barracudas all throughout Bianca's hockey career. Within the club we have both recreational streams and high performance streams for racquet sports and swimming so we can accommodate all types of athletes. Day to day operations as well as long term vision for the overall performance of the club are part of my responsibilities. I have worked or volunteered in sport for 10+ years and have a passion for the development of athletes. I see the potential in women's hockey and want to be part of it's growing success in our community Burlington.

To be voted on at May 6/24 AGM

Sandy Wilson

Director of House League

Based on my two years as director of fundraising and extensive involvement in various house league events, I've gained a deep understanding of the club's operations and community dynamics. My tenure at the bank in a governance leadership role equipped me with valuable skills in organizational management and decision-making. Furthermore, my decade-long dedication to the Burlington Girls Hockey Club, coupled with the joy and memories I've experienced in the house league division, underscores my passion and commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment for young athletes.


Sonia Ryan

VP Business

I've served on the BGHC board since October 2023, acquiring valuable knowledge and experience that I believe would benefit the role of VP Business. My dedication to keeping girls in sports, growing the game and giving back to my community drives me to seek opportunities like this. With a background in business ownership, child and youth work, and corporate recruiting, I'm confident in my ability to excel in this position. Having a young daughter and son in hockey and watching the connections, learning and growth that comes from being a part of the hockey community is what motivates me to continue to serve on the board of directors