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Apr 14, 2022 | Kristy Braun | 1192 views

The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the Burlington Girls Hockey Club (“BGHC”)  will be held on Monday, May 16th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.  Registration for members attending the meeting will be available via a link posted to our website homepage 24hrs prior to the event.  Registration will be mandatory in order to attend the meeting. 

The following Director positions (2 year term) are up for election at the AGM this year for the 2022-24 seasons: 

  1. VP Business Operations * – 2 year term
  2. Director Competitive Team (Senior) – 2 year term
  3. Director of House League Events – 2 year term  
  4. Director of Fundraising * – 2 year term
  5. Director of Equipment & Safety - 2 year term

*Incumbent is not submitting their nomination for re-election.


BGHC Board of Director Submission Process:

Click here for a full list of duties and responsibilities for each Director role.  To submit your name for one of these roles, refer to the BGHC website /RESOURCES tab to complete your submission form no later than Monday, May 9th 2022.

Where multiple submissions are received for a position, each applicant will be contacted prior to the AGM and will be informed as to the number (not names) of other nominees and that if they wish, can request time to address the membership prior to the vote taking place during the AGM.  Nominees will have a maximum of 2 minutes to speak.  Voting will take place during the AGM via the meeting Chat and the position will be filled by the applicant with the highest number of votes received during the allotted time period. 

Submissions may be made for all roles listed above.


ADDITIONAL BGHC ROLES - We need your help for the 2022-23 Season!

As our organization is run 100% on the backs of our volunteers, we need your help to ensure our operations continue to run smoothly each year.  

We are seeking volunteers for the following positions:

1) WEBMASTER - this is an essential administrative role in our organization ensuring our back-end systems function properly for email and web so that we may properly communicate with our membership.  For further information or to submit your interest, please reach out to Lanna Butler - [email protected]

2) IP FUNDAMENTALS CONVENOR - Your role is to ensure the organization and success of our smallest Cudas.  You will assist in recruiting coaches and oversee our IP1 & IP2 divisions throughout the season.  For further information or to submit your interest, please reach out to Lanna Butler - [email protected]

3) HOUSE LEAGUE CONVENORS: for all house league divisions

What does a Convenor do?

As a Convenor for the Burlington Barracudas House League (HL) you are responsible to support 1 Division (U9/U11/U13/U15/18) and all its respective teams in the following ways: 

  1. Coaches / Managers Support:
    • Provide answers to their questions and act as a liaison between them and the board
    • Coordinate goalie coverage in cases where a team is in need (illness, injury, vacation)
    • Ensuring Team Rosters and timesheets are completed and submitted within timelines 
  1. Board / HL Director Support:
    • Act as Liaison between Coaches/Managers/Parents and the board –  the “Parent Rep”
  1. Availability / Event Support for your Division:
    • Attend games/practices across the various teams in your division, on occasion, throughout the season.
    • Provide support and assist with additional events:
      • Back to Hockey Sessions - September
      • House League Day - September
      • Coaches Meetings - September
      • Photo Days
      • DS Tryouts 
      • Championship Weekend
      • Queen of the House Tournament

 For further information or to submit your interest as a HL Division Convenor, please reach out to Mike Appavoo - [email protected]


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