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Rep Tryouts

**If you were able to register for tryouts on March 18th you do not need to register again



Monday MARCH 25th –  Friday APRIL 12th @ 11:59pm


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**ALL PLAYERS must bring their own jersey**

The BGHC requests that participants bring their own jerseys to this year's tryouts. For those currently in Rep, please bring both your dark and light game jerseys. If you're transitioning from the HL league, bring your House League jersey. This will help evaluators identify players by name/number. Players will be assessed by our rep tryout committees and coaches based on their hockey skills and not based on the level of jersey they are wearing on the ice.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The Tryout Registration Fee for the 24/25 Season for all players is $55
The BGHC strives to keep hockey accessible and are pleased to announce that this year's tryout fee is almost half of last year's fee. 

What is Rep Hockey?

Rep Hockey, also known as "Representative Hockey," is a competitive level of ice hockey designed for players who wish to play at a more advanced level compared to house league or recreational hockey. Rep hockey teams represent the City of Burlington throughout the Southern Division of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association.

The BGHC is excited to offer Rep Hockey for Burlington girls from U9 through U22.  Rep Hockey aims to provide an environment where elite-level hockey players can develop to their greatest potential, including refining skills on a physical, social, and personal level.

The four levels – AA, A, BB and B – offer varying degrees of competition and skill development opportunities. Each level of girls' rep hockey offers a unique experience tailored to players' abilities and aspirations, contributing to the growth and enjoyment of the sport at all levels.

AA level hockey consists of highly skilled passionate players who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in both individual skills and team play. These teams compete at the highest level and pace of play. Players should be prepared for the highest expectations of dedication to skill development and compete.

A level hockey provides a competitive environment for players who are passionate about hockey where they can further refine their abilities and aspire to compete at the highest levels. Teams at A level often combine a mix of major aged players who have not yet emerged at the AA level as well as minor aged players who are anticipated to advance to AA level hockey in their major aged year. This minor/major mix is most prevalent on our junior aged teams. "A level" teams maintain a high standard of play, with players exhibiting strong fundamental skills, tactical understanding, and high compete level.

BB level hockey features skilled players who are passionate about hockey who may be further developing their game or level of compete. Players may also be transitioning from recreational to competitive hockey, having undergone significant development. This level offers a balanced mix of competition and development, providing players with opportunities to enhance their skills while enjoying the competitive aspect of the game.

B level hockey caters to players who are passionate about hockey, have the skill and commitment level to improve their skills beyond the house league game. B-level hockey emphasizes skill development, making it an excellent option for players at various stages of their hockey journey, whether they're new to competitive hockey or still emerging beyond recreational hockey.

All players seeking to play Rep for the BGHC 2024/2025 season must register on RAMP for the tryouts and pay the applicable fee no later than the deadline 11:59 pm APRIL 12th, 2024. 

All BGHC Head Coaches begin their player evaluation of all eligible players for the coming season from the time of their appointment until the completion of tryouts.  Evaluation includes watching eligible players play/practice and reviewing feedback from current Head and Assistant Coaches.  The tryouts are the end of the assessment process. Head Coaches may offer spots to players prior to the tryouts. 

At the tryouts, Head Coaches will have the support of an appointed impartial Player Selection Committee. The final choice will rest with the Head Coach, but input will be provided by the Player Selection Committee. 


There is a guaranteed minimum of two skates for all players in the tryout process.

AA and A level tryouts are by Invite Only (*exception for U9A – see below).

If you are selected to tryout at the AA or A level you will be contacted by the Coach.

Head Coaches for the 2024/25 season can be found on the BGHC website: Hockey Divisions>Representative>Coach Announcements 2024/2025

BB /B skates - Due to the large number of players trying out and limited ice each player will be assigned to each skate by the coaches. 

Once registration has closed, all registered participants will receive an email with details regarding their first tryout skate.  Please check your junk email to ensure that you don't miss an email from the coach.

The full tryout schedule is available HERE

*U9 tryouts are open to any player born in 2016 or later (U7 and U9HL) as U9A is NOT by invite only

*The BGHC does not accept non-resident players at Rep Tryouts that are not currently playing with a BGHC team at ANY age group in the levels of A, BB or B, outside of any exemptions issued by the BGHC Board on a case-by-case basis.  

(formally Permission to Skate - PTS)

For players registered with BGHC, PTTs will be issued starting April 1, 2024.

All BGHC players requesting PTS forms for tryouts with another association must submit their requests on our website here: 

For players currently registered with ANOTHER association outside of the BGHC:

- You must have a completed Permission to Tryout form from your CURRENT association 

- You can request the form from your CURRENT association and provide it on the 1st day of tryouts to the BGHC Coach

- You must register for Tryouts and pay the fee by the deadline on April 12th, 2023 for all divisions

We look forward to a fun 2024/25 Season.