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During these times of uncertainty, the planning and preparation of the BGHC Return-to-Hockey Plan has been top priority. 

The following principles have lead our approach to developing a clear and effective plan that will once again bring our players together on the ice.

Responsibility: We, as an organization, are committed to creating a clear and effective plan, developed alongside the governing bodies, OWHA and the City of Burlington, to ensure we have a responsible approach to managing our return to the hockey.

Empathy: As an organization we understand that all athletes, families and volunteers have different experiences and levels of comfort towards activities surrounding a pandemic. We ask that all members of the BGHC approach these differences with respect and understanding.

Safety: Given the risk factors that can arise while engaging in sport, the safety of our players and community is prioritized over all BGHC procedures (e.g., attendance).  Players will not be judged or penalized if their actions are set in place to protect the teammates and families around them. 

Positivity: Even with the best plans in place, return to hockey will have some bumps along the way.  All of our BGHC Coaches and volunteers will focus on continuing to maintain a fun and positive experience for our athletes while prioritizing their health and safety.

Effort: Many, many hours have gone into developing our BGHC return to hockey plan, and will require the participation and sacrifice from all members to ensure its success.

Community: By returning to the ice we all choose to assume a shared responsibility in keeping our community safe.  The BGHC has set in place certain protective measures to ensure that we are minimizing as many risks as possible, and ask for the acceptance and participation from all our members.

Take Measure: In an ever-evolving situation, we will continue to remain vigilant in our approach to maintaining all protocol surrounding our back to hockey plan and following the latest guidance provided by all municipal and governing bodies.

For further information regarding the BGHC Health and Safety Guidelines please refer to our COVID-19 Resources Page.

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